Welcome to Camp Wags!

Why Choose Camp Wags?


At Camp Wags, we treat your pets like our own.

  • We love them, play with them, exercise and feed them right along with our dogs.
  • Campers will not only have a vacation of their own, but gain valuable socialization skills.
  • We do require that all campers be able to get along with other dogs and small children. If they are aggressive, Camp Wags is not the place for them.
  • We are not a kennel. We do not put your pet in a crate, kennel, outdoor run or basement while they are here.
  • If campers prefer to sleep in their crate, that is encouraged.
  • If campers normally sleep at the foot of your bed, that is encouraged.
  • If campers prefer to sleep on the couch, that is also encouraged!
  • Special instructions and requests are welcome!

What to bring?

1. Your pet’s food

2. Medication/vitamins if they take any

3. Pet bed (if they sleep on a wag bag)

4. Collar and Leash- please make sure the collar has a tag with your info on it

5. Copy of their current vaccinations (if they are not already on file)

6. Signed release form (if not already on file)

What NOT to bring?

1. Your pet’s water and food dish (we have plenty of extras here at CW)

2. Favorite toys (they may not make it home)

3. Treats (feel free to bring only if they are to share)

4. Fleas and ticks (no bugs at CW)

5. Crate (if your pup is crate trained, he can use one of ours)



Current rates for 2018:

$35 a night for MOST campers.  If you have a puppy or special needs dog, there may be an extra fee.

Ask about multi-dog and extended stay discounts.

Please let us know in advance if your dog

· Has any medical conditions

· Is allergic to anything

· Has any destructive or other “bad” habits